Program Design and How it Works

GUE's programs and learning experience are designed to offer cutting edge, practical education with vast flexibility. Each program derives its educational objectives from the job proficiencies required by the market. Completing a GUE program ensures that a graduate is market ready. Within each program, students can customize their schedule, pace of study, electives, evaluations and other details. This ensures that working professionals from around the globe are able to pursue advanced computer engineering education.

GUE programs develop engineers to meet current and future requirements of the computer engineering industry.

Programs are sub-divided into semesters. Students can select a number of courses fom each semester. Each course has a variety of activities that are designed to transform students into engineers who are ready for today and tomorrow.

Explore the unique program design in detail.


Program Educational Objectives or PEOs are derived from the Job proficiencies required by the market. A student has to complete multiple courses and earn 42 credits to complete a program successfully.

Each course has Course Learning Outcomes or CLOs. The programs are designed in such a way that completing learning activities in a course achieves CLOs and completing all CLOs helps students achieve the PEOs.

Students can select a major in computer engineering and apply to a GUE program. After confirmation of admission the student can register for a semester.


Within each semester students have great felxibility in selecting the number of courses, timing of evaluation and schedule of assignments and practicals. While 42 credits can be earned in 4 semsters typically, students can choose to earn them through more or less semesters by customizing their workload.

The Common Core begins in the first semester and is required for all. The Common Core is a learning sequence of fundamentals that prepare students for a successful and long technology career. The Common Core also lays the foundation for future roles in leadership and innovation.


In each course, GUE students are immersed in a unique learning experience. The three learning units of each course are


GUE has adopted the innovative flipped classroom. You can listen to the lectures anytime, anywhere at your pace. Meet in class to communicate, collaborate, create and critique.

Practicals & Assignments

Access the cloud to complete your labs, assignments & projects anytime, anywhere at your pace.

Develop your skills by completing course work like, practicals and assignments.

Interact with your cohort. Explain your rationale, clarify questions and defend your work.

The merits and demerits of your work are debated. You get multiple perspectives that expand your thinking

Iterate, complete the project and deliver a working solution in a timely manner.


You undergo a complete and holistic evaluation that includes your peers, your instructor, a seminar and written tests.

Finish all evaluations successfully to earn 42 credits and earn a valuable MS degree from GUE